Mr Solan manages injuries in all age groups with the exception of newborns. Please be aware that each of the facilities he works from has different rules regarding consultations and treatments for under 18 and under 16 year old patients.  Please check carefully when you make your appointment.  Thank you.

“I really appreciate the fact that you were able to put my arm back together. Thank you for doing such a good job!”

“I am extremely grateful for your excellent surgical skills. I tripped over our dog and broke my arm…it is all mended, the scar has healed and I have full movement.”



Most fractures heal with rest and time. However, occasionally, bones fail to rejoin, causing pain during activity. Often this is not clear on X-rays, and the problem is only revealed by a CT or MRI scan.


For symptomatic patients an operation to remove the scar tissue, which is preventing the bone from healing, and to fix the fracture is recommended. A cast or boot is usually required until the bone has joined.